Department of Biotechnology

Department of Biotechnology is running a 3 years Under Graduate course program in B.Sc. (Biotechnology) with C.B.Z. and a 2 years ( 4 semesters) Post Graduate course program in M.Sc. Biotechnology.

Amalgamation of biology and technology is biotechnology, a fast growing and evolving field in science. Biotechnology scenario in the world is changing rapidly and dynamically. To prepare the students for this competitive field of science, to the curriculum and syllabi is crafted to impart current advancement and understanding about biotechnology along with basic knowledge about research and thus, provide about a substantial basic foundation of biotechnology in our students. The department constantly provides the latest developments in the fields of pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, and drug discovery sectors, healthcare, diagnostic and therapeutic, plant and animal sciences, and environmental sectors along with the core subjects.

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