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Doon Valley College of Education

Doon Valley Education College is affiliated with H.N.B.G. University and holds the most common degree in education, B.Ed. Within Ch’s strong leadership, the college runs under Dariyav Singh, a legendary professor and administrator of education. Due to its excellent academic delivery and realistic access, Doon Valley College of Education is the favorite of aspiring teachers. 

Literacy and education are some powerful indicators of a society’s growth. It is a fact that the quality of education is determined by teachers ’ competence, dedication, and encouragement to the teaching profession. Thus teacher training becomes an essential component for improving educational quality. With that in mind, we provide a stimulating learning atmosphere at Doon Valley College of Education. This makes us one of the best colleges for b.ed in Dehradun.

We make sure that we provide the best education and hence are proud to be among the best colleges for b.ed in Dehradun.

Bachelor of education B.Ed

B. Ed is a course offered to those interested in exploring a teaching career. The B.Ed degree is mandatory for teaching in higher elementary and high schools. While the arts stream students are trained to teach subjects such as history, civics, geography, and languages. We are one of the best colleges for b.ed in Dehradun. Science stream students are trained in math, physics, chemistry, and biology teaching. Students will obtain a Master of Education (M.Ed) from a university accredited for such a course after BEd. And B.Ed. The goal is to combine subject-matter research, human development, pedagogical expertise, and communication skills. Students graduating with a B.Ed have access to both professional and academic choices.