Department of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is one of the popular course in modern medicine world over and through the academic era is spread over decades. Physiotherapy is health caring profession, which views human movements as central to the health and well being of individuals. The core skills used by Physiotherapy include manual therapy, therapeutics exercise and the application of electro therapeutic modalities.

Lab Facilities:
  1. Posture analysis Lab
  2. Biomechanics Lab
  3. EMG/NCV Lab
  4. Advanced therapeutic Lab
    - Hand dynamometer
    - Electronic Balance Board
    - Chest-Dynamometer
    - Inclino meter
    - Vacuum Therapy
  5. Fitness lab
  6. Exercise therapy Lab
    - Suspension Unit
    - Multi Exercise unit
    - Swiss-ball exercise unit etc.
  7. Electrotherapy Lab
    - Microwave Diathermy etc.    
    - LASER
    - Traction Unit
  8. Anatomy Lab
  9. Physiology and Biochemistry lab & Microbiology lab.
Note :-  The College has in campus OPD and attachments with 8 different Hospital & Nursing Homes for practical exposure to our students. 


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